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In an assignment, you may be required to upload or write something individually, but it can also be the case that the work is to be done in a group.

Usually, assignments are mandatory, meaning that as a student, you must complete the tasks for grades to be assigned. However, there are exceptions, and the course examiner can provide information about which assignments are mandatory for your specific course.

The assessment of what you upload, along with feedback, can be done in various ways depending on the purpose. Peer review is sometimes used, where students assess each other's uploaded work. Typically, a teacher is also involved in the assessment, and a teacher always makes a final evaluation.

It is likely that as a student, you may need to revise what you upload based on the feedback provided by classmates or teachers. The forms and rules for this are determined by the examiner for your course.

For an assignment, there is usually but not always a deadline with a specific date and time for when you should have uploaded the task in QPS. How what you upload after the deadline is handled is determined by the examiner for your course, and it may vary between different programs, courses within a program, and even between different assignments within a course. Therefore, you need to be diligent in keeping yourself updated on these specific details.