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View deadlines

It is important to keep track of deadlines for various tasks. Even though it is usually possible to upload to an assignment after the deadline, it is not guaranteed that late submissions will be included in, for example, a grading assessment. Therefore, you must always stay updated on the specific rules for your course and assignments. If you are unsure, the course examiner is the one who can provide details on these matters.


When you open a list of assignments, there is information about the deadline for each assignment. Either there is a specific date stated, or the field is empty. If the field is empty, there may still be a deadline specified in another way, such as within the instructions for an assignment, on the course's learning platform, or similar.

In the example below, there is a specified deadline (Due date) for three assignments and none for two.

Image which shows deadlines for assignments


To see the exact time, you need to open the assignment. You do this by clicking on the row. Once you are inside the assignment, there is a box on the right titled 'My submission'. There, you will find information about the exact deadline, including the time.

Deadline with time
If the deadline has not passed, the text is black.


Image of when the deadline has passed
If the deadline has passed, the text is red.