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The app Orzone Forms

Digital assessment forms can be filled in on your computer or phone in QPS, or via the app Orzone Forms.

Please note that Orzone Forms has replaced the earlier app Ortrac Scholar. Orzone Forms is more stable and offers a better interface for assessments.

Download the app

The app is available from Apple Store and Google Play. 

Log in

Click on "Login". In the next window, click on the plus sign to add your account. Enter your studentID [at] lu [dot] se, which will take you to Lund University's normal log-in window. Enter the password for your Student ID. 

Screen shots of the Orzone app

Choose a course

If you are registered on more than one course in QPS you will see a drop-down menu with course codes in the upper left corner. Scroll through the list to find the course you want.



Click on you initials in the upper right corner to reach settings. Here you can: 

  • Log out.
  • Turn collapsed view on or off. That is, if questions are shown collapsed or expanded.
  • Turn on or off that sections should appear on a new page or under each other with a horizontal line separating them.

Pull the window down to go back. 

The bottom menu

Image of the bottom menu
Modules & Forms

If your course uses the function "Modules" to collect forms and other activities (such as sub courses or a course theme), then your forms will be sorted into modules.

In the very last menu you can switch between:

  • Modules - when the forms are sorted into modules. Click on a module to open a list of available forms. If the minimum requirements are fulfilled for the module, it will be marked with a check mark in the module. This is also visible in the course in QPS on your web browser.
  • Forms - when all forms of the course are listed. 

If your course does not use the function "Modules", Forms will be the only choice in the bottom menu. 

My drafts

This displays the forms that are saved as drafts and not yet submitted. Click on a form to reactivate filling it in. 

Click the blue button "Recently submitted" for a summary of your latest submitted forms. 

Fill in a form

Open the form you wish you fill in. 

You can choose whether the questions should be shown collapsed or expanded by clicking the arrows in the upper right corner. 

  • Collapsed view: Click on a question to open the assessment alternatives. 
  • Expanded view: The assessment alternatives are always shown.

Obligatory questions are marked with an asterisk. 

Different views of the app


With certain forms you may be asked to tag it with so-called after-tags before submitting, for example if it is a certain type of clinical situation, level of complexity, age of a patient, etc. Obligatory after-tags are marked with an asterisk. 


Before submitting your form you need to enter who has conducted the observation/assessment, by:

1. Choosing a role under "Assessor".

2. Write an email to your assessor. If the person is already registered, choose them in the list. If they are not in the list, finish your email and click "Add". 

If I am conducting a self-assessment?

Choose this alternative and write you own email address. 

I can not fill in the Assessor field.

It is only possible to fill in the field once all obligatory questions and after-tags are filled in.

Submit the form

When all fields are filled, click "Submit". 

I want to see my submitted forms

Under "My drafts" at the bottom of the app, you can see recently submitted forms. 

You can also see them by logging into your course in your web browser.